Free Is there Right to Immigrate Essay Sample

Nearly one million individuals migrate to United States with legal ways every year. However people also enter the U.S. without legal documentations and are barred at the borders. These illegally entered in United States territories are forcibly shifted to their countries. More than one million people are expelled from the U.S every year ( People put themselves in troubles continually and attempt to die occasionally. Ethical issues are created concerning the immigrants. Is it correct to remove or prevent the illegal immigrants forcibly from the U.S.? What justification gives clear evidence that to impose the harm on these immigrants?

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Two adverse opinions are found there when we ask the answers about the above questions. One opinion says that these immigrants are valuable to maintain the integrity of their national culture while other opinion negates the first one and says that immigrants can create economic problems for the exiting citizens in U.S. Those succeeded to enter the country accept jobs at low wages that causes the hardships for earlier employed people. Individuals would also question the state's rights to stop potential immigrants; for example state can deny the entry of fugitive or international terrorists from the law. Other question answers about those ordinary people who are searching their new homeland for a good life. Do the states have constitutional rights to bar these international terrorists?

I argue that the ordinary immigrants must not be excluded from the states as they are noncriminal people and leave their origin country for ethically innocent reasons. These people want to live in a society that can measure the degree of their respect and work's dignity. I am talking about the U.S and its situation about the immigrants; however these terms are equally applied to other countries also. The strategy is to argue to defend the noncriminal immigrants who do not have potential aims to cross the U.S borders. I am confronted with justification of restricting the immigration. Assuming that people have their own rights which exist prior to state; rights of these immigrants are obsolete in some cases.
A person is in danger of starvation goes to market to buy some food and succeeds in his plan; because this market is open. If someone forcibly prevents him to reach and buy the food from market; by doing so he starves to death. In this situation person is subjected to death. This example suits to noncriminal immigrants.

Illegal immigration has effects on economy of U.S. When we argue to defend the American policy about the illegal immigrants; it is said that American workers lose their jobs because immigrants work at low wages as compared to American workers (Vroman, pg 212-218). It is estimated that wages of American workers are lowered up to 5%. U.S. government is obliged to protect their citizens distinct from the immigrants. There are such duties of U.S government which guarantee the protections of their citizens from foreigner criminals. Joseph Carens defends the idea of open borders and follows three theories of justice Utilitarianism, Rawlsian theory of distributive justice and Nozickean Libertarianism (Carens 1987).

We have found facts about the immigrants and conclude that a strict system must be implemented to judge these immigrants. When U.S government is satisfied about these immigrants then they must be given amnesty.

Most discussion focuses upon the benefits and harms imposed by immigrants on existing citizens. Rights of the non criminal immigrants are also part of this essay as all the human being are treated same and have equal rights. Immigrants pose a threat to economy of U.S as they work on low wages.


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