Free Forces of Evolution and Variation Essay Sample

Evolution is a process where biological characteristics are passed to a new generation or offspring through the DNA. Variation occurs when changes occur in the DNA cell sequence, thus a different trait is transferred to the offspring that is not in the parents of that offspring. However, the main forces of evolution are Heredity, Mutation, Natural selection, and Genetic drift.

Heredity force is the process of passing traits from one generation to another through the DNA molecule that determines the formulation of a genotype. However, a change in genetic traits determines the behavior of an organism, thus a specific phenotype is derived for that offspring.

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Mutation force is the major cause of variation within a population and it lacks negative impact. It determines the nature of adapting to nature of the offspring.

Natural selection force is responsible for the adaptation that involves the environment and the organism. It maintains a certain trait, despite the forces of mutation for a long period of time. Also, it caused the population to have two or more phenotype, thus enabling this population to adapt to a specific ecological and geological habitat.

Genetic drift force is a force of gene migration which affects the variation of genes that are not caused by random gene drift thus, confining the population character change and starting the process of speciation. Species is the offspring that can naturally breed and produce a viable offsprings. Isolating mechanism is the process whereby two or more species that need to be in different environments. However, only nature is responsible to produce distinct gene.

Evolution plays a very great role in determination of the conduct and the physical adaptation of organisms. However, natural population is subjected to gene variation of the changes of the environment, trans race marriages and the change of lifestyle.


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