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Question 1

The experiences of ethnic & immigrant communities in Los Angeles

A great number of immigrants are job seekers. The immigrants consist of domestic workers, whose job is household tasks. They face limitations ranging from market resources, socio-cultural and, ethnic alienation. The immigrant’s language and, culture alienates them from the majority groups. They face stigmatization, social isolation, discrimination and, alienation.

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Employers are cruel and, not cooperative in helping the immigrants to adjust to the new environment. Linda A. Rodriguez, 2007 “As is the case with foreign immigration, the population gains of ethnic minority groups will vary across the country”.

Immigrants face many discriminatory and, alienation challenges. They still benefit from other positive aspects of the country like employment and, business opportunities.

Question 2

How the public space of Los Angeles fosters Community Building.

The public space in the parks provides avenues for meetings and, socialization of women from different ethnicities thus fostering community building. A. Armenta, 2009 “Latina nannies build solidarity in a public park”. It shows how nannies contribute to community building by including park staff in their activities.

The nannies gather at the parks during the working days. This reduces isolation and helps to foster community building of women in the neighborhood of their employers. It also helps nannies to fight against the odds and, frustrations that harsh employer and, unfavorable work conditions cause them.

A. Armenta, 2009 “the influx of workers increases inequalities within households and neighborhoods because employers are often of different racial/ ethnic group and social economic status than those of the employers.” Immigrants face social isolation, discrimination and, alienation.

Ethnographic interview, 2005 “use artistic and cultural practices to break down social isolation, create new social networking relationships, strengthen... bonds among group members, and ... create local and transnational ties with [outside] institutions...” this exhibit the procedure which immigrants use to adapt to the new environment.

The public space fosters community building through the provision of a neutral meeting place to the domestic workers. They share their experiences and their values which help to strengthen them.


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