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Over the years, terrorism threats have increased. Religious and political factors seem to be the main contributors. This essay will evaluate on the most complicated non-conventional terrorism methods and identify who might be targeted.

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Non-convectional terrorism is the use of weapons of mass destruction especially nuclear, biochemical weapons to cause terror. Nuclear terrorism would be the most devastating given the high casualties and catastrophic environmental damage associated with it. Nuclear and biological terrorism are all devastating in their capacity but nuclear seems to outweigh all the other examples of terrorism. It is the most difficult to execute due to limited resources. Each time terrorists strike, they use of more sophisticated weapons and ingenious tactics. Considering the nature of attack, funds do not seem like a hindrance; the sophisticated weapons must be associated with high manufacturing costs. Over the recent years, terrorist have tried to purchase the materials and the technical know how required for the assembly of non-conventional weapons.

Biological terrorism is the use of substances that have undergone biological modifications in order to impose harm on living things. This kind of attack is by far very devastating both psychologically and health wise as was the case in Vietnam but it does not adversely affect the environment as in the case with nuclear attacks. The United States of America has been a victim of a number of terrorism attacks; it still remains one of the countries most likely to be targeted by terrorists. This threat perception is based on the holy war. Biological terrorism has already been executed in the U.S.A whereby the terrorist used mail to target high profile people with anthrax. However the U.S government modified its alert systems such that such a scenario cannot happen again.


Nuclear terrorism may not come as a surprise given the changes terrorism has shown over the years. However the development of warning and development systems have made it difficult for the terrorist to gain access to these non conventional materials, but still the technical know how is no longer hard to find. As this easy concludes the possibility of a nuclear attack is there, and some countries are more venerable than others.


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