Free Affirmative Action Is Racist Essay Sample

Thaddeus Watulak wrote the controversial essay "Affirmative Action is Racist" back in 1998, when he was a student at John Hopkins. He argued that Affirmative Action has already lost its relevance in these modern times because of the lack of existing criteria among the so called "minorities" to prove the continued need for such a law. to be more precise. Watulak indicates that. No one alive today has ever been a slave or owned a slave; there are no legitimate parties for repatriation there. The people of our generation have grown up in a society utterly devoid of legal discrimination against minorities of any kind.

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That having been said, he goes on to use various other examples of other races that are now represented in the American culture such as the Hispanics, and how Affirmative Action could not be used to represent them since Affirmative Action was meant to originally represent the underrepresented African Americans who could not get ahead in life unless they were given an upper hand in certain situations such as education and employment. Something he found highly insulting and demeaning since Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Latinos, and Whites, all have the same chances and opportunities offered to them, they just need to prove they deserve the chance to get ahead more than the other candidate. To quote Watulak once again :

The clear implication that minorities could not adequately get ahead without special considerations seems just a touch bigoted. In Watulak's view, life is now a level playing field for everyone, regardless of race, nationality, skin color, and religion. That being said, he implies that rather being a positive influence, Affirmative Action becomes a stumbling block for anybody who considers himself a minority these days.

Affirmative Action is one of the most continuously and hotly debated topics of all time. Watulak's article "Affirmative Action Encourages Racism" argued the irrelevance of the law in today's time. Actually, if one reads only that single article, there will mostly be an agreement to it. But, upon reading "10 Myths About Affirmative Action", which was written 2 years before Watulak's essay, the flaws in his arguments can clearly be seen. One of the flaws in Affirmative Action is pointed out by the article written by S. Pious is myth # 6 that indicates:

If Jewish and Asian Americans can rapidly advance economically, African Americans    should be able to do the same. The truth of the matter is that Blacks are still ruled by some sort of unspoken racist acts these days. They are historically behind their counterparts in the sense that the Asian Americans and Jews came to America as professionals. Pious' myth # 10 tries to play off Affirmative Action as a power play between politcal parties instead of something that is supposed to benefit the less fortunate members of our society such as the African Americans. Support for affirmative action means support for preferential selection procedures that   favor unqualified candidates over qualified candidates.

The objective of Affirmative Action is to level the playing field for people seeking entrance into schools, universities, and work places. Reminding the employers that Human Resource is not based upon skin color, nationality, religion, or race, but rather on talent and skills. The law actually forces employers to look at qualifications more than anything else. Is Affirmative Action still relevant in the 21st century? I would say yes. It took a hundred years to get these people's human rights restored, it will take just as long for for people to rewire their brains into getting past the social barriers that have been hard-wired into our system as well.


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