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The writer narrates a story about James. James smokes marijuana, which results to a conflict between him and his parents. His parents take him to a therapist so that he can obtain assistance. The therapist analyzes the problem and helps them to arrive at a solution.
The problem has come up so clearly. At the end of the narration, the therapist identifies the cause of the conflict.

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James realizes that he is not only suffering from mental problems but also genetic problems. His parents realize that they are not good listeners. The narrator presents his ideas in a way that they do not make sense. For illustration, statements like 'Do they need pressure or persuade', 'how can the y recognize the behavior which is bad' or 'usually the reason why they try to go astray is just curious and rebellion' do not make any sense.

There is no title, what should be the title is included in the body of the story. In addition, the opening paragraph is not effective. It reads like a continuation of another story and fails to prepare the reader for the story that follows. The question that the writer is interested in tackling is the failure of people to listen carefully. James parents did not listen to him hence; they were unable to solve the problem. The therapist listened carefully to both parties and was able to solve the problem.

The narrator outlines the importance of listening. He says that it enabled him to be a peacemaker in his former college. The plot is not is not portrayed clearly. The development lacks the flow, which is a vital element in any all-successful narration. He narrates his own experience within the story. He should have flashed forwarded his experience to the end of the story. This would make his theme about listening skills come out effectively.


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