Free China's Next Big Boom Essay Sample

Explain why China is experiencing a golf boom. Support your answer with details from the text

China‘s golf boomed or performed well in the international competitions due to the fact that the golf players engaged in intensive training. Additionally, China has well developed golf courses that facilitate training. The construction and maintenance if the golf courses is facilitated by the high fees paid by players for training. Chinese golf management is still optimistic that the incorporating of golf into Olympic Games will enhance the development of golf in China, “A platform will be built through the provincial sport authorities……. Golf in China will enjoy remarkable growth.” Additionally, the construction of additional new golf courses is expected to stir the growth of the sport even further.

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Speculate what might be the next big boom in China. Give detailed rationale.

Environmental pollution is widely expected to be the next boom in China. There is steady statistics underlining China’s ever-increasing population. Lately, China has experienced increased economic growth and this is bolstered the increased industrialization. This has become the environmental concern for both China and other regions of the world. Essentially, increased numbers of industries, automobiles and energy installations have contributed to the increased levels of air pollution in China. Research suggests that pollution results from industries situated in China, however, the pollution is not restricted to China’s boarders, and this is illustrated by the fact that about one-third of environment pollution in the United States originates from China. Pollution in China is a very serious problem and if not controlled it will develop into a very serious or grave problem both for China and for other regions of the world. 

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of low-cost health insurance. Carefully explain the rational for people to investment in low-cost health insurance

There is no doubt that health care costs in the United States of America are escalating out of control. The health insurance premiums are increasing and most individuals are unable to afford basic health care coverage. Therefore, low cost health insurance is an affordable option for day-to-day insurance cover. Essentially, low cost health insurance refers to insurance cover that is available at an affordable rate low rate. For this option, the premiums paid by the insured are very low and affordable. With low cost insurance, an individual does not need to worry about the medical bill that he/she incurs whenever they fall sick. Essentially, low cost insurance cover guarantees the access of healthcare in an inexpensive manner. Low cost healthcare cover attracts low premiums and this means that individuals bet less coverage and benefits. Individuals should invest in low cost health care insurance cover because it has the potential of relieving them of the trouble of unexpected medical emergencies.           

Explain whether a real estate agent has an incentive to get you the highest price or not

Yes, it is true that a real estate agent has an incentive to get you the highest price possible. This is widely informed by the fact that they are paid on commission, which is dependent on the prices that they negotiate. If they negotiate for lower prices, they get a lower commission, and if they negotiate for higher prices, they get higher commissions and may even get bonuses.


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