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Microsoft Corporation and Red Stripe are companies with good corporate citizenship. Both these companies have significantly contributed to the society through their core business activities, philanthropy programs and social investments. Microsoft, a software company has sound policies in relation to environment and employee practices. All of Microsoft’s operations are environmental friendly. The way in which both these companies manage their economic, social and environmental issues impacts positively to the society as well as to their stakeholders. Red Strip, a beer manufacturer in Jamaica has initiated a myriad of programs under its corporate citizenship. These include corporate voluntarism, pro bono activities, charitable activities and support for community education and health care. In 2010, Red Strip through its parent company Diageo initiated a community empowerment program that aims at equipping youths with various skills. The program has benefited many individuals in Latin America and the Caribbean region. The company has transformed the lives of many youths by equipping them with training in tourism, hospitality and entrepreneurship.

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Abercrombie and Fitch is a company that specializes in retailing casual ware for young people. The company has very good strategies but has failed to appropriately apply them. This has seen the company fight a number of long standing law suits. The company has been accused several times for discriminating against the minorities. The company was reluctant to hire black Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans. All this happened despite the fact that the company had a sound diversity policy. Abercrombie and Fitch has poor employment practices, merchandise and controversial advertisement campaigns. Most parents have complained that the company was sexually exploiting young people in it advertisements. As a cautionary measure, Abercrombie and Fitch needs to adhere to the provisions of diversity policy in the United States. The company should put the interests of young people at heart to stop exploiting them sexually through its advertisements.


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