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This is to acknowledge that I have received your letter that was requesting me to send you a motivational speaker who would participate in the forthcoming “Career Day” at King Elementary School next month. It is with great pleasure that I wish to inform you that I will be sending Miss Audrey Lindstrom. Ms. Lindstrom is one of our highly qualified trainers at our Child Care Center. She is a very hardworking person who is highly committed to her work.

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Some of the areas she will discuss during the career week include the regulatory framework, policies and procedures that are used in training childcare providers, children’s rights to have good care, laws and legislations governing child care practices in the society. She will also clarify issues relating to the roles and responsibilities of staff and personnel working in Child Care Centers as well as the roles of parents in taking care of children admitted to Child Care Centers. Another important area she will discuss is professional management and governance of Child Care Centers. She will discuss about her job at the Child Care Center. She will talk on her duties and responsibilities and the possible challenges that she usually face in administering her duties. Also, she will discuss on how she deals with these challenges effectively.

Ms. Lindstrom has been working at the Child Care Center for more than five years now. She has incredible experience that I am sure is worth sharing with the students during the Career Day. Her major duties include training newly contracted personnel at the center on various policies and procedures at the center. She also offers continuous training to other employees. In my opinion, her contributions on employee training and development and the vast and extensive knowledge in personnel management that she posses field makes her the most appropriate person to give the talk.

Furthermore, I would request you to furnish Ms. Lindstrom with the program of activities for the Career Day. Additional information she might require include the expected areas and content of the talk you would like her to present and the average age group of the expected audience. On my view, this would make it possible for her to properly prepare for the talk. Additionally, due to her tight schedule of activities at the Child Care Center, I would like to inform you that Ms. Lindstrom would be available as from noon till early evening. The talk should thus be scheduled for at most two hours, so as to enable her come back to the center early enough to finale the day’s activities. I would also recommend that she should be accompanied by one of the school’s administrators who would help in coordination of the talk as well as instilling confidence in the students on reliability of the valuable information they will receive from their speaker. The students should also be advised to prepare in advance some of the critical issues and questions that they would require the speaker to answer or clarify.

It is my hope that after the talk, your students will be able to realize and appreciate the importance of trained day care providers in our community.

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you for recognizing our agency and requesting it to be part of this special event in your school. It is worth noting that the future of our students depends on our commitment to help them. Let us join hands and make their future brighter. Thank you once more.

Yours sincerely,



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