Free Plato and Woody Allen Essay Sample

With regard to Plato’s response concerning Wood’s attack on morality and justice had he viewed the film crimes and misdemeanors based on his tripartite theory of the soul would be,

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Appetitive response

The  appetitive soul guides our desires and viewing the film crimes and misdemeanors, Judah and Cliff exhibit excess sexual desires to the extent of having extramarital affairs and the appetitive dimension of the soul should be responsible for restricting these desires to help avoid unlawful acts which more so are unjust.

Rational response

This dimension of soul deals with one’s thinking position, humans tend to have a rational for acts that they commit, Judah is convince that by eliminating Dolores, his marriage is safe too are his secretes from coming to the open.

Spirited response

Spirited dimension of soul is responsible for being just. It ensures that one reasons before engaging in act that can cause harm. In can either exhibit a just soul or a frustrated soul which could lead to dangerous emotions such as anger and that is the reason why Judah killed Dolores after feeling betrayed by one he loved who threatened to reveal their secrete extramarital affair.

Plato’s defense in light of Allen’s argument against justice

Justice is all about doing the right thing. In this context, Plato’s defense in light of Allen’s argument against justice would be that, the three components of soul have a great impact to control the actions that one takes to remain safe. The three parts of soul are capable to control excess desires, high emotions and logical reason with regard to being just to others and in our life. Contrary to Allen’s argument against justice, had Judah listen to Ben’s advise, things would have been different. The murder of Dolores would not have occurred and he would not be feeling guilty if he thought what he did was justified.

To conclude, justice is all about harboring moral values that can create harmony in the society. These values should form the basic principles of what we should do and not do.


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