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From this article, it is evident that the people of Uganda take their social welfare more seriously as compared to their own health. Despite the fact that ARVs help people have good health, the society solely determines who is put on drugs and what kind of family project to be put aside for the sake of this medication.

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The author asserts that HIV drugs in Uganda are socially active because they seek to restore the social status of the community. Ugandans are said to be so communal such that a member’s personal grief touches the whole society and they come together to help one another. However, the issue of AIDS and its inequality in treatment and drug distribution reveals the existing social relationships and distinctions in the country.

Uganda’s large family sizes and the culture of its people to treat each member of the society as their own pose much burden of caring for the disadvantaged. Treating AIDS patients within the family is very strenuous because the hard earned money, supposedly used in daily upkeep of the family, now gets channeled towards the medication of the sick. Since more than one person is normally sick, a choice has to be made on who to help. The person who had shown greater sense of responsibility would be considered for assistance and be put on drugs. On the other hand, a family member who never took up social responsibility stands a slimmer chance of being put on ARVS.

Thirdly, those who get ill and can no longer take care of themselves or other members of the family forcibly stop the treatment in a bid to allow the money being spent on their treatment used to finance other family projects. In summary, Ugandans consider their social relation above any other thing.


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