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June Jordan speaks of the standard and the Black English. It is set up in the reserve written by June Jordan. These papers will explain how the Standard English and Black English are used.

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June Jordan takes on a journey through one of her studies of Black English in order to help her student know how they should read and write their language. She felt that most of the students had only been taught to write the Standard English only. Her class was mostly composed of African American students.

The students were mostly involved in speaking, reading and writing using the Standard English in school. To her that was not appropriate and she sort to change is phenomenon. She fights for the Black English to be used in both reading and writing. The Black English should not be seen as a minor language that cannot be used in reading.

Black English just like the standardized English had its proponents and people who liked either of the two. Language should not be used to separate whites and blacks.  For Black English to be heard and appreciated it should be used in reading. She felt that the language was fading away to a world where nobody would care to as of its where about. It is the importance of the language that must be taught in school and not the dialect. It is important for each and every one to consider the importance of their language, culture and individuality. Thus through reading using the Black English would enable students get acquainted with their language and cultural background.


June Jordan tries to bring out the problem of racism by use of language. She believes that the study of Standard English in schools promotes writing that is verbally correct but what the language is too sincere about. Thus students should be allowed to not only use standardized English bur also the African American English.


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