Free Response to US Crime Problem Essay Sample

Crime is on the rise in the United States and measures need to be taken so as to solve the problem before it gets out of hand. It is worth noting that going into prison is not helping the situation in any way. For instance, criminals come out of prison and yet continue to pursue the very acts which took then into prison in the first place. We are left asking whether prisons are making criminals more dangerous or we should completely do away with them. But at what expense should this be the case? I think reforms should be introduced in the prison department so that those committing crime should not go back into their acts. Parents on the other hand, have a role to play in monitoring what their children do while free.

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Some of the reforms that should be incorporated into the United States include starting an education programs in schools where students are educated about the dangers of being locked up in prison. Furthermore, it is important that they be educated on how to be self employed as compared to being involved in criminal activities. This education should be a top priority in schools as well as learning institutions and must be part of examinable subjects. This education should be offered by law enforcers who are well conversant with the dangers involved in being locked up in prison.

Criminals that are involved in breaking the law should be subjected to hard labour while in prison, as well as activities that will prevent them from returning to crime. Some of these activities include being trained on job skills and how to be productive in the society without breaking the rules. I think our prison system has become a punishing environment as compared to correctional facility, and I will aim to introduce counselling services where the inmates can feel part of the society. Counselling services will also be accompanied with clergy being involved in bringing the inmates closer to God through services.


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