Free Termination Letter Essay Sample

This is to inform you that after a number of quality work counseling sessions together with the company management and quality control department, and several written warning letters concerning your low quality of work and interference with other’s areas of work, there have been no notable improvement that has manifested in your work. As we discussed in last month’s meeting, you promised to advance your work quality in three weeks time so as  to validate your sustained employment in the company. The company management has tried much to work with you in all possible ways so that you meet production qualities required. However it has been discovered that your work quality is not up to standards in the position you were hired to perform.

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With regard to the company’s terms and conditions of employment, the policy stipulated maintain that all employees have no authority to reveal any of the company secrets to outsider, unless compelled to do so by law. The company’s ethics and competency policies were made clear to you and all employees during their orientation period. By appending your signature to the policy document, it meant that each and everyone understood and accepted the terms and conditions that all employees are to abide to. The problem caused by your recent code of conduct has made the company to suffer a great deal in terms of undue competition from the rivals.

We are very grateful for the period you have worked with us. However, due to the current circumstances your service delivery has seriously deteriorated. This has left the company with no other option but to inform you that your employment is terminated as effect from now. You are kindly required to return all company’s property that was under your possession. This includes the car, company house, company documents and other equipments inclusive of your business access badge.

Termination payments shall be ready in accordance with the company’s guidelines. You are recommended to arrange for your future insurance requirements because the company shall not keep up with your insurance coverage beyond the date of termination.

Although we highly apologize for the condition, the act was unavoidable.

Yours respectfully,


Human Resource Manager.


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