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"All the President's Men," is a film that blends the elements of journalism and Washington intrigue than any other movie. It is the story of two Washington Post reporters spiced the taking down of a prominent resident on Pennsylvania Avenue, transforming both politics and journalism.

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"All the President's Men" is a product of journalism rather than that of storytelling. This movie maintains accuracy in the way crimes are investigated by the investigating reporters. It later turns to be narrative since it is followed by ; dates, phone numbers, coincidences, lucky breaks, false leads, dogged footwork, denials, evasions, and  truth. This movie is focuses on the details rather than the results of the resignation of Watergate and the Nixon.  Unlike other movies, this one involves boredom and the waiting and the tireless digging, it relies on the knowledge about Watergate to make it interesting. It provides the most observant study of working journalists.

This movie also creates tension with scenes when Bernstein goes to Woodward's desk and listens on the extension phone.  It is paced, acted, and edited therefore developing the illusion of momentum even when Woodward and Bernstein face hard moments. This movie sticks to its purpose of and gradually it brings its characters into every scene without forcing the events. It purely concentrates on the professional lives of the characters rather than their private lives.

This movie also brings small characters, which comes from the real life.  These elements in "All The entire President's Men" are important, and yet they do not spice the movie experience. After one cycle of investigative reporting, it is when we realize the methods of the movie.  In a technical perspective, this movie employs journalistic processes leading to the known end. This movie is spiced by introduction of Pakula and his technicians, actors. The movie is saved by the power of its techniques rather than narration. From this movie today's media people should tirelessly involve themselves to good research on corrupt individuals or companies and bring them down.


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