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The theme of vengeance is prevalent in the play An Eye for an Eye as women have decided to defend themselves against the ill-treatment and persecutions which they have for so long endured. This is culminated by Mrs. Wright action to decide to kill her own husband who had subjected her to a heartless kind of life. The other women also decides to react by taking some measure to try and cover up for some sources which could have lead to the earlier realization of Mrs. right as the killer of her husband .Their actions were mostly triggered by their understanding of the kind of a person Mrs. Wright was and having an understanding of the kind of humiliation she was made to go through as a result of being married. The  new  that  she had  been denied  a lot of  freedom by  her  husband who  treated  her  just  like  how the  rest  of  the men  would  treat women. They  very  well knew of  how  they  had  been  reduced  to  being  just like   minor  objects whose  roles were  of  no  importance  to  what  men  were talking about. No wonder  they  conspired  to  cover up  for their  fellow  woman  whom  they  knew  that she had  been  forced  to  act  in that  manner  due  to  the  kind   of  troubles that  she  had  faced in  her  married  life.

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The play trifles has  the concerns of women who  are mostly considered to be just trifles, just like  unimportant  characters who have very  little or no importance to societies  work which   was basically carried out  by. At one point Holstein commented that the women's "way of knowing leads them not simply to knowledge but it also leads to the decision about how to act on that knowledge". Holstein describes this type of knowing as being their ability to "relive entire married life rather than simply to research one violent moment", in this case, it was to relieve Mrs. Wright. Then, following the implementation of this kind of knowing, the women are able to gain power "for having been devalued as well as their low status that makes them remain quiet as   the play comes to an end.

Since men didn't expect   women to have any contribution in the investigation. They become disinterested in what the women had found that helped to solve the case against the murder. They  had  argued   that , it  was  hard  to live  with Mr. Wright's cold, the  oppression had  been  a  dreary  fact  to live  with .Mrs. Hale comments about Mrs. Wright being childless: "Not having children makes less work - but it makes a quiet house." The irony  in the  title gives some  insights of the idea  of  regarding  women's concern as  unimportant stuff  may find its way to  the heart in a more  influential manner than most  of  the  preoccupations that  men  always  involve  themselves in. another example  depicting how  Mrs.  Wright  had  sought  to free herself  is  from the  example of  the canary bird in the cage which  represented  herself and her troubled  heart. Just  as  Canary used to  sing beautifully so was  she  was used to sing beautifully  in the Church just before she got  married  to her  husband. She  had  been  living  in the  cage  just  like  the  canary and  she  needed to  find  her   freedom  so  as to  flee herself  from the  bondage. Mr. Wright  was  this  kind  of  man  who  thought  that  a woman was  a creature  which  was  subject  to his  decisions  as  she  could  think  anything  rightly  on   her  own. From  the  name  itself men  thought that   they  were the  only  ones  who  could  think right.

That  act  of  killing  the  canary depicted  that  a man    had  the  right  to  kill what  was  at  his  imprisonment. Things  didn't  turn  out  right   this  time  around  as  his  wife  decided that  it was  a high  time  to  revenge  for all the  those  evils   that  had  been   directed  at her. From the  moment  she  was  married ,she  had rarely  been  seen  outside   the   house and  this  added  to  the  understanding  of   her  miserly  by  the  other  women (Suffolk). They  knew  her  action  had  been purely  been  motivated by  her  unending   tribulations  not  to  mention  the husband  denying  her  a  chance  to  be  a mother. These  reasons  had  given  her  the  satisfaction she  was  looking  for  but  nevertheless, she  had  also  fallen  victim  of  evil  doing  as  she  was  imprisoned   for  her evil  act. All  these  happenings  leaves  the  theme  of  vengeance  very  evident  and  it  remains  true  that  an  eye  for  an  eye.


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