Free Judicial Review of the Immigration Courts Essay Sample

Judicial Review of the Immigration Courts is the literature review that focuses on immigration highlighting the procedure involved and process of successfully becoming a United States' resident. Despite the legislative law passed by the federal government, the rate of immigration has increased over years. Both refugees and asylums have moved to U.S in appeal for protection. However, various legislative bodies have been established under the department of Justice, which is the executive office for immigration Review. Essentially, these legislative bodies regulate influx of immigrants since it was noted that most of them were not genuine in their cases. Thus, this literature review is imperative due to the issues encompassing immigration with thousands of unresolved appeal cases.

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Additionally, this review explains the immigration court systems which are often presided by incompetent judges. This is to mean that their opinions are subjected to reviews by the Board of Immigration Appeals most of which have been ruled out. Immigration courts have been faced by allegations of not conforming to uniformity in its internal procedures. In respect to this, the immigration judges are viewed to be abusing their authority. As a result, they are subjected to the removal process by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Basically, the writer's rationale in writing this review was to point out the injustice done to asylums. Honestly, the application for asylum proved complex and faced by various challenges. Specifically, the writer critically assessed the disparity in the rate at which immigration judges granted asylums. As such, there was a wide disparity in how the judges ruled out the cases..

Though the critique has been used to streamline the procedure for ruling out cases, the literature has been skewed in the sense that it has only concentrated in most part with the Asylum.

Needless to say, immigration judges need to have a certain level of expertise and competence far beyond what has been covered in the review. Their rulings however, should to be subjected to judicial review as a fundamental element in the system of checks and balances. These are designed to correct and prevent abuses transpiring within the immigration court system.


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