Free Law Enforcement and Terrorism Essay Sample

In the interview done by Greg Bruno (Council on Foreign Relations) dated August 26, 2009. Some pertinent issues came to light regarding the counterterrorism efforts under the Obama administration. On one had we have the rule of law that the USA is known to promote all over the world and the other the thorny issue of terrorism that has to be fought outside the law in order to get any result. Terrorism is an element of lawlessness and therefore any effort to deal effectively with it should be in the same context. But the USA must seem to follow the rule of law so as to illicit the public support that is very crucial in this fight. According Friedrichs, intelligence is a necessity in this fight against terrorism. Gathering of this intelligence is therefore done in secrecy and therefore exposing such elements can be detrimental in the efforts against terror. But this goes against the element of the rule of law; the law stipulates openness in all issues. Therefore any decisions on this matter should consider all these before coming to a conclusion. This review therefore falls within the issues discussed above; while it is in the interest of the law to ensure that the probe is done in depth, it is also in the interest of the people to be safe and this review puts the safety of the people in jeopardy as it weakens the processes involved and I doing so hinders the efforts of the USA in this fight; a fight that is necessary to protect its people. All in all the fight against terrorism is so important to be derailed; it is the entire USA and the world that is at stake if this happens.

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The Office of the Attorney General is very significant when issues of law come to the picture. But Attorney General Holders order to investigate the Abu Ghraib model looks like another classic case of protecting the real people behind the claims of human abuse against the terror suspects. In his statement according to Greenwald, Holder seems to have targeted the few low cadre officers in the cases mentioned of torture and conveniently pardoned the officials who authorized torture in the fight against terror. While this may seem to interfere with the order of intelligence it doesn't go against the aspect of intelligence as a career. The function of intelligence gathering and the actual process of gathering intelligence may defer from country to country and the USA is no exception. Therefore disabling that function is therefore disabling to the fight against terror.


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