Free M.K. Gandhi Essay Sample

Mahatma Gandhi was a famous political and religious leader who had major influence not only to his Indian community but to the world at large. His integrity and wisdom was and still is a force that inspires many people worldwide and his words of inspiration and motivation are a phenomenal influence to people in their search for happiness and satisfaction in life.

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Life is short and we should all live it to the full in awareness of those that are around us as well. We should all look back at our lives and be proud of what we have made of ourselves and others and what we leave behind in the world. If life was to end tomorrow, we would all want o make a lasting impression in the world. This should be a motivation to be go getters in life and learn how to get up when we are down and try again no matter what it takes. We should embrace our fears to excel and broadcast our talents as opposed to being shy about it and thud regret as to what might have been.

Mahatma Gandhi led the struggle for the independence of India from the colonial rule of the British. He embraced a new way of fighting for their rights and instead of hiding behind the fear of failure and disappointment from those that believed in him, he took a chance and lived like he was to die the next day with a strong belief and determination that saw India come a long way.

In this day and age of terminal illnesses like cancer, people begin to appreciate their lives when tragedy befalls them and when it is too late to do much about it. We should also help others where we can as a lot of lives can be saved and made a lot better through our hands. By helping for example those that are starving in poor nations through donations, a dying life could be saved that could end up being a very influential person in life like President Barrack Obama or end up being the person that saves you from a situation later in life like donating a kidney.

Life is also full of lessons that we should not be ignorant to learn. There is something to learn each day about different aspects of life. A grown up for example can learn a lot from a child in being patient and forgiving easily. How a smile can change someone's day or a kind word would change someone's life. Nature also teaches us a lot in appreciation of the world's beauty and natural elements that can heal as well as provide jobs for people.

We should appreciate wisdom and be ready to listen and learn as this is passed on to generations for a brighter future. Our children carry on the lessons they learn from us and this is carried on to their children. We should never shy away from learning or be arrogant about it as learning never stops. Relationships are also a learning process which is the fabric of family and the society at large. People that grow up to be violent or with social and psychological issues could trace their behaviors from childhood where the environment did not teach them or give them an allowance to be the best that they can be. Through learning, we live forever.

Life is too short for us to sit around and do nothing with our lives. Things happen around us each and every day, whether good or bad and whether we like it or not, it is a major influence in our lives and we should be participant in it. We should stand up for the weak, speak up for what is right and live life to the fullest as in so doing, we influence others to do the same. We should love a little more, forgive even more and appreciate whatever little we have as it defines who we are and we should be proud of who we are as we should do everything in our power to be the best that we can be. Life is full of opportunities and we should take up the challenges in confidence to better our lives and of those around us. We should not be ashamed of failure but of the fact that we did not try.


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