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From the time I learnt about the rich history of ONU, of how it was established by Lehr and the great strides it has taken towards excellence, I immediately realized that this was the college after my own heart and passion. Not only was I excited to know that I shared a common military background with Lehr, but the fact that Lehr came from a need background inspired me to take my career to the next level, in a University he founded. With, Ohio Northern University having emerged as a masterpiece of excellence, I look forward to plant my seeds of ambition in the university's college of pharmacy. I am convinced that this college will grow and nature this seed, through the colleges proven commitment to produce top notch pharmacists.

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When I came to learn that Ohio Northern University was located in a striking and serene environment with a campus spread across a massive 320 hectares, I was truly delighted and appealed to by the environment as it would be conducive for my course.  The adjacent township of Ada also compliments the magic touch of the university campus, a place like no other filled with tranquility; a critical ingredient for success to the campus community. The beautiful scenic in the campus will also provide a homely environment to me and other undergraduates and thus contribute immensely on our success at the campus.

My desire to enroll at the University of Northern Ohio in grounded on my rich experience in the field of pharmacy. These experiences will not only be fundamental in my studies but will as well allow me to excel in all practical aspects of the course and will come handy during experiment sessions. The experiences I have drawn from a series of roles I have played in institutions such as the United States Navy where I served as a Pharmacy Technician.  The array of skills I acquired while on job will be of benefit to my colleagues in campus and to the entire learning process. I am therefore hopeful that my experiences will blend well with the academic fabric of the university, more so to the college of pharmacy.

The university's commitment to volunteering has earned Ohio Northern University unparalleled status of being an institution having the best interests of the community at heart. The recent award of the 2009 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll clearly manifests the recognition of the University for its Participation in service-learning and civic engagement. My contribution in community work is assured since I have actively participated in a number of community works in the past. Working for a number of organizations, I have acquired skills necessary to organize and implement community development exercises. Such skills will be of benefit to the University's community once I am enrolled.

The diversity available at the University is indeed an opportunity to student to explore their talents and abilities for their individual development as well as for the benefit of the campus community. With the university boasting with over 150 organizations and clubs, I am confident that I will play an active role in their running and organization since I have wide skills and knowledge in areas of counseling and leadership. This will therefore improve my college experience as well as those of my colleagues and in the end produce all rounded graduate pharmacist ready to take up roles on local or national healthcare related establishments.

Coming from a humble background, I have managed to overcome my challenges by striving towards achieving my dreams. This has enabled me to fend for myself as well as my family through my enrolment at the Navy. This is a hallmark of my success in life and determination towards mastering hurdles. I therefore plan to offer motivation talks to fellow colleagues and community at large on the need to have a positive look on everything by being focused on one's goal. This personal contribution from experience will surely give impetus to other student who may be faced by difficulties. I am therefore aspiring to be enrolled at you esteemed university.


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