Free Orientalism and Saving Essay Sample

She says that while other scholars are formulating new research directions, she wants to connect past and contemporary US state and make the gendered and racialized elements of the orientalist project. This will help to save, articulate and trace this type of violence. According to Said, orientalism is a false assumption that the West underlay towards the East in which the West is described as rational, developed, humane and superior while the East is seen as underdeveloped, aberrant and inferior. Hypermasculinity is the endorsement of masculinity elements like rigid gender roles, vengeful military reactions and obsession with power, and power.

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Hypermasculinity appears in Bush's 'war on women'; blocking funds to UNPF, opposing a UN session to aiding the girl child, having in the courts Judges opposed to reproductive rights, removal of funding for sex education and his opposition to RU-48 which provides safe abortion. These form of racialized and gendered  violence are; infantalization, demonization & dehumanization and sexual commodification which means the representation of some communities as helpless and backward.She finally concludes that in order to resurrect USA, the president's speech should intertwine hypermasculinity and a Christian code of conduct. She also asks for research to be done on the type of response that can effectively counter gendered and racialized violence.


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