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Spain is a country whose historical past is very strong characterized by several powers' rise and falls and wars. Over years, this country has realized a significant development in democracy and growth in the living standards. This paper discusses the geography, culture and cuisine of Spain.

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Spain covers about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula and bounded by France , bay of Biscay and Andorra to the north, Mediterranean sea to the east, Atlantic ocean to the and Mediterranean sea to the south and Atlantic sea and Portugal to the  west.  The country has various rivers such as Mino, Tajo, Guadiana, Duero, Guadalquivir, Ebro and Zaragoza which are the country's main source of electricity. Most of these rivers empty their waters to the Atlantic Ocean except the Zaragoza and Ebro rivers whose water goes to Mediterranean Sea.  The climate of most parts of Spain is characterized by low rainfall and extremes of temperatures. This climate is influenced by the unique position of the country i.e. a few kilometers from Africa and at the south western of Eurasia, sea to the east, ocean to the west and mountainous terrain. During the months of July and august, the country is extremely hot and the best climatic conditions are experienced during the months of April and October. The country's mountains include Mulhacen, Pico de Tiete, and the Pyrenees which separates her from France. Spain has many natural resources. The mineral resources include potash, coal, iron ore, copper, zinc, uranium, mercury, pyrites, fluorspar, gypsum and others. The country's soils form a very important resource and their productivity is enhanced by intensive irrigations and about thirty percent of the country's land is under cultivation. Wolfs, wildcat, wild goat, deer, lynx, fox are some of her fauna while the tamed animals include Salamanca and bulls bred. The famous plants include oaks, poplar trees, grapevines, shrubs, olive trees, sugarcanes, lemons among others (Geography of Spain).

Spain has a culture that is famous in the world. The Spanish people love bullfighting and it is estimated that about 24000 bulls dies per year during the exercise. The bullfighting sports have been incorporated in the Spain culture since 711AD. There exists dance competitions and with some unique dressing codes, rich taste cuisine and films that are appreciated by many culture lovers in the world. Also, there are folklores in different parts of the country. The mixing of the culture has been enhanced through the increased European migration to Spain.  The music in the Spanish culture includes flamenco which is an Andalusian genre. The culture contains some spiritual characteristics and there are festivals that are conducted during specific seasons of the year (Bantwal Natasha). For example, The 'Tomatina' Tomato Fight which is a tomato fight that is conducted every year in Bunol near Valencia and takes place between 11am and 1pm on the last Wednesday of the month of August (Spain Culture).

The visitors to Spain such as the Romans introduced variety of foods to the country such as the tomatoes, sweet potatoes, vanilla, chocolate, beans, pepper and zucchini. The Spanish people like citrus fruits, hot peppers and golden spices, foods with golden spice saffron and wine. The people also cook some foreign dishes such as chocolates and meat. In addition to meat, poultry and game meat there are other dishes such as eggs, vegetables and savory pies that are incorporated in the meals. The meal pattern involves a breakfast at 8am, mid-breakfast at 11 am, tapas at I pm, lunch at 2pm to 3pm, snacks at 5pm, evening tapas at 8pm and supper at 10pm. Spain is divided into regions each with its own eating trends (traditional Food of Spain).

The country covers about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula and bounded by France, Bay of Biscay and Andorra, Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. Spain has bullfighting, festivals, music which are famous in the world. Finally, the Spanish cuisine comprises of different dishes and there are unique eating trends and behaviors.


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