Free Challenges of Life Essay Sample

The movie challenges of life explore the evolutionary process that animals have undergone with regard to hunting, mating and parenting styles. The evolution is mainly to help them cope with the challenges of life. The main aspect of the struggle for survival involved eating and being eaten. The dolphin part is a very interesting visual. As a tactic for hunting, the dolphin whips a leaping fish as they were trying to escape from an enclosure surrounded by mud. This portrays high intelligence on the dolphin. The manner in which the

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The director has employed high speed cameras to show the flying fish as they take aerial route in a bid to escape from predators. This is an adaptation technique of gliding for over a hundred meters so as to survive from death.

Another interesting scenario involves the capuchin monkey who struggles to smash an open palm nuts using stone ‘hammers. This is an appealing scenario

The last interesting visual involves three sprint cheetahs who combine forces so as to kill an ostrich. It is amazing how the three cheetahs struggle with one ostrich. The ostrich employs every tactic

The first obvious lesson that one learns from this movies is the unique parenting style in animal kingdom. It is quite amazing how parents go an extra mile in a bid to protect their young ones.  This is typical in the northern pacific as we see the female octopus sacrificing its comfort so as to secure their eggs.


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