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Prince Charming thought Cinderella was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and was disappointed when the glass slipper slid effortlessly onto the foot of her mean, ugly stepsister who sat before him, squealing with glee. Well, it was an embarrassing moment for Prince Charming. Nevertheless, he exuded calm and confidence. A man of his caliber needed to show calmness at all times even when things went wrong. This was a defining moment for all his ambitions and aspirations. He really needed to work out a plan of handling the situation because Cinderella was his target.

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Poor Prince Charming turned to face me and asked me, “Do you know what noodling is?” I hesitated for a moment, and then I said, “No.” He then continued and said to me, “Never mind, I will explain…noodling is when a fool swims in the muddy water and sticks his hand there in search of a big catfish. Sometimes his attempts may turn out to be successful, but on other occasions, the noodler gets a snapping turtle that bites his hand.” I quickly interrupted, “The glass slipper fit on a turtle.” Then he said, “You are right. The prize for noodling is a catfish. However, sometimes it is not meant the only fish for noodling. As a serious noodler, you don’t quit noodling. You keep trying.”

By this time, I knew things went wrong. The catfish was difficult to find, though it lived there. Prince Charming would not stop noodling and he left after telling us about noodling the turtle and the catfish. Cinderella hid in the garden, but there was no slipper for her to wear. Thus, there was nothing to tell her.  Prince charming left unceremoniously, but he asked me to retell Cinderella the noodling story. When I met Cinderella, I explained to her what had happened, and she was satisfied. Another day came, and the noodler went fishing. He succeeded to get the catch, but it was not a thing he expected to get. Only a mere retelling of what had happened previously was enough to persuade Cinderella that everything would be great. The process was more difficult than Prince Charming anticipated, but he finally got his catch.    


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