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The author argues that there is no clear documentation of real issues most immigrants face, having it hard to enter foreign countries, adapt there, and find sustainable jobs. This is particularly made impossible due to certain policies and certain huddle related to language proficiency and occupational demands. However, a key aspect that precipitates the confusion involves intertwining and embedment of these issues within the context of emigrational policies, western imperialism, and structural discrimination.

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The author looks at real issues that face most immigrants who relocate to the U.S.; these are discussed from three perspectives named above. Immigration policies play a major role in ensuring most immigrants are strained in getting employment. One’s ability to acquire a job depends on the distance of kinship. Finding a job is a real challenge for immigrants who are over a certain age, this is because they would not learn English easily, and this policy ensures that occupational changes are less drastic for families admitted through employment than for those admitted due to family relations.

Western imperialism as well as structural discrimination affects immigrant’s experience. The main issue here is that dominant norms influence other non-US groups. This aspect mediates the connection between language proficiency and occupational accommodation. Structural dominance is affected by policies that ensure harmful effect on the immigrants; for instance, discounting of immigrants educational credentials gotten from countries other than the US, which is discrimination of non-US credentials. These barriers like language, occupational accommodation as well as absence of information make many immigrants take up menial jobs. The major factor of joblessness of most immigrants is a lack of language proficiency and absence of US education.

The main question is: would one offer a good nursing practice to a group of clients that has many problems that are not only socio-economic but also political related issues? The answer is that it is necessary to understand their larger societal context before making any approach of offering help. This question is important for any critical review.


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