Free Factors that Predict Self-Perceived Problem Drinking among College Students Essay Sample


Self-perceived drinking of alcohol is a common problem that was focused in this research article, among college students. Excessive drinking of alcohol is associated with many negative health complications and other detrimental consequences. In order to curb this problem, the management in various colleges and universities should put in place appropriate and relevant intervention programs with main focus on those who perceive themselves as problem drinkers. The article examined quite a number of students randomly selected from the nearby halls of residence. The main purpose of the study was to examine various predictors of self identities as problem drinkers among the students. Some of the predictors that were examined include the drinking frequency, quantity and the Side effects related to excessive alcohol consumption. A total of 316 students were randomly selected from the halls of residence as participants in the study. The results indicated that 42% of the students had indulged in heavy drinking; and on the same note, 30% confessed to have engaged in regrettable sexual activities after use of alcohol. However, a large percentage of participants, almost 80%, indicated no signs of problematic drinking in their drinking habits. The main identification factor or indicator of problem drinking among students was based on the alcohol consumption rate per week, where by those consuming more than what other students consume, were considered to be problem drinkers. Other indicators of problem drinkers were overdrinking, selfish drinking, alcohol related disorders, regrettable experiences such as sex and exhibiting of severe depressive symptoms.

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The article is a peer reviewed scholarly article appearing in the journal of Alcohol and Drug Education. This source journal is certified and well known for efficiently researched educational articles on alcohol and other drugs. The source is quite reliable following the fact that it is peer reviewed and appears as one of the articles in Alcohol and Drug Education certified source journal. The language used is descriptive and simple to understand thus making the article user friendly. The author is a qualified professional with high academic credentials, up to a PhD level in human development. His experience in teaching, professional presentations, research and other recent publications are well represented in the article. The article is highly valuable and gives every finer detail concerning the topic.


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