Free Missing Scenes for ''History of Violence'' Essay Sample

This document contains significant scenes that some how believed to have been part of the film during it shot but not included in any of the films versions.

There were many scenes of the small town of Millbrook that did not end up in the final release of the film. Edie Stall seen at a local restaurant in Millbrook, beside her is Jack Stall they seem to be discussing something extremely valuable. The guys seem to be in a hot argument over something that has been disturbing them over the lat two weeks. After a couple of minutes, the two goes two separates ways.

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The company involved in the production of the film thought that these scenes were not significant in bringing out the general theme of the film.

This scene is where Edie walk into Millbrook police station in search of help over a certain issue that is disturbing her.

Edie: Good morning.
Policeman I: I am well madam. How can I help?
Edie: Officer of late i have been receiving threats from a known sources.
Policeman: Kindly go there over the inquiry desk and record a statement with the officer in that desk.
One of the longest scene that was unused in the production of the final release, but it  believed to have been shot takes into account Edie Stall was   involved in the investigation of a young  boy who lived with Carl Fogartly. Carl claims to know nothing about the boy. This unused scene starts immediately after Carl offers a cup of coffee to Edie in his kitchen. In the final release, the picture fades at this point. Although the visit,   of Edie to Carl house is shot, as per Edie returning to the local pub as she cycled is  not filmed in the final release.
Edie Stall:  How is the elder brother doing elder brother? It is along time when last I was in this house.
Carl: Hello, Madam yeah, it is a long time when i last i was in this house. This round what are after getting what from me?
(Edie laughs at the statement made by her friend Carl. Carl leaves and walks toward the kitchen. Edie immediately starts walking around the room, she is looking something. After about three minutes, she follows Carl to the kitchen.)
Edie: You have such a lovely kitchen brother. By the way, where is the boy who we have been talking about?
Carl: (smiling) First take a cup of coffee before we discuss on the issue.
Edie: Thank you and that very polite of you my brother.
Carl: Why   ask about the boy madam. ( he looks nervous) Kindly let me know because this issue has been worrying me of late.
Edie: That boy reminds me of Tom. Tom does not know about the boy and I fear for the boy, if he happens to come to know the truth he may turn violent and harm me and the boy.
The above are some of the scenes missing in the film, ''History of Violence.”


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