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In the article titled “Multiculturalism” Rattansi tries to stress the importance of cultural integration while maintaining individual cultural identity. There are several ideas and concepts that are of great importance in this chapter. The most crucial concept is the concept of multiculturalism which appeared after the World War II when people started migrating to European countries and the US. While the immigrants came to the host countries with different cultural and religious practices, host nations found it difficult to accommodate such practices. Another important concept is racialization. It is the idea that multiculturalism was created to respond to the idea of races different from the white race. The concept of assimilation has also been viewed as being singnificant in some areas especially when attributed to colored people.

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During the adoption of the immigrants, racism become one of the stumbling blocks to multicilturism and assimilation of minority ethnic and sub state groups. This brought about the basic human rights abuses, especially the labor laws which culminated into incorporation of human rights laws which guaranteed equality. Apart from racism, separation of religion from the state was of a great significance in a sense that the state remained neutral (Countries such as France and UK embraced such laws). Intermarriage between the natives and the immigrants became more common in the early 80’s and 90’s which enhanced integration and assimilation to a greater extent. Notably, the author brings out the idea of assimilating, integrating and accepting immigrants without interfering with the status quo of the host nation.

On page 19 the author states that 1/3 of the schools in Netherlands are publicly owned while the rest are run by religious groups. Does this pose a danger to multicultarism and multiethnic integration? According to page 22, the British government legislated the law that guaranteed free citizenship for white settlers. Was this discriminatory legislation or racism? 


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