Free Othello, the Moor of Venive Essay Sample

Othello, is a soldier of the rank of a general, he secretly got married to Desdemona, who happens to be a daughter of Brabantio, who was a senior senator in Venive. But Lago who is a brother to Desdemona, creates mischief on the issue and informed her father of how Desdemona had been married without her permission, but so as to hide his involvement in the mischief she used Roderigo. He was a suitor who had been once rejected by Desdemona. Brabantio is infuriated and reports to the authority accusing Othello of having bewitched his daughter and sought judgment from the Duke against Othello. Brabantio later learnt that Desdemona had agreed to be with Othello out of her own free will and she had not been coerced to be married, Brabantio was disappointed and cast Desdemona out. After a short while, Othello as a soldier is ordered by senate to defend Cyprus from the onslaught of the Turks. While there, Othello works as a Governor and leads to the destruction of the Turks after being killed in a sea storm.

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Lago who, who had accompanied Othello, having failed in her earlier plans to scuttle the relationship, now worked to convince him that there were report of Desdemona being unfaithful and had a secret affair with Cassio. Cassio was induced into drinking and he was demoted because of being under the influence of alcohol while still working, Lago then works to persuade Desdemona to intercede for Cassio so that he may get back his rank therefore making them to look as though they are together. By use of manipulation, trickery of taking advantage of circumstances that people are in and by instances of use of innuendo, and making capital of their said good reputation as being a honest person, Lago slowly convinces a disturbed Othello into believing that Desdemona is unfaithful.

With the huge influence of Lago, Othello if filled by jealousy and decided to kill Desdemona for what he believed was her deceit. Othello is tricked into agreeing of the method of killing that Lago advised of killing Cassio. Lago did not wish to be named in the murder of Cassio and did not want to get directly involved in the murder. He thus gives the job of murdering Cassio to Roderigo, who does not do a good job and only ends up wounding Cassio. To prevent being exposed of the attempt of life on Cassio, Rpderigo is slayed by Lago. Desdemona protests to Othello innocence in the so called, he refused to believe her innocence, but Othello kills Desmona while she was sleeping.

Emilia, who is Lago’s wife, later realized her husband's evil deeds and plans and informed Othello of Lago’s plans and of how Desdemona is innocent. Lago on learning that Emilia had informed Othello, he murders Emilia her wife. Othello later attempts to kill Lago but he fails and instead stabs himself, on his death bed he kisses Desdemona. Cassio, later succeeds Othello as Governor of Cyprus, he later orders for Lago to be made to pay for his evil ways and be executed.

Jealousy is a feeling which is very destructive and irrational emotion which has no place in relationships. Jealousy is a tool that can be used to wreck families and relationship. The relationship between Desdemona and Othello was one that was built from pure love. But when the seed of jealousy was built in the relationship it ended up not only ruining their marriage but also the marriage between Lago and Emilia. It is also important that trust is built in relationships, because if Othello truly trusted Desdemona he would not have listened to rumors. 


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