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The Zoot Riots took place in the beginning of 1943. At this time, America was involved in the Second World War. In Los Angles, the city had been emptied of all its residents of Japanese ancestry. This was set in an environment of ethnic and racial mistrust (Castillo 367). The setting was the defining moment for the Zoot Riot suitors as well as the entire Mexican-American Community. The entire populations of Los Angles as well as California were under siege. At the same time, Japanese and Japanese-Americans living in the West Coast of the United States were deported to safer interior parts of the US. In the absence of the American Japanese to face the racial paranoia, Los Angeles became focused for the Zoot Suitors.

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In the article, the author discusses a gendered analysis of the Zoot Suit Riots

The main focus of the author is on the perspective of the young Mexican Americans suitors. In addition, the author emphasizes the difference that existed between the young Mexican-American and the attackers on the understanding of the Zoot Suit Riot. Furthermore, the author provides the historical overview of the Zoot Suit in his article (Castillo 369). He incorporates both the design, the social and scientific standpoint of the riot. The thesis of the author in this article is to bring out the issues of racism in the American society. The Zoot Suit Riots particularly made the Mexican Americans understand the negative racial attitudes that existed in the United States against them during that time. The author also brings out the political and psychological implications of the week long riot in the United States.

The author is trying to prove to the historical world that there is abundance of information in this topic that has not been fully exploited in regard to the Zoot Suit Riot. He gets the information from archives of the “Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriore” in Mexico. This makes it possible to make an in-depth examination of how the Mexican government reacted to these racial abuses. In addition, the author sites a number of files gathered from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Department of State in charge of the possible participation of foreign agents in the riot (Castillo 371). This gives a detailed analysis of how the social and political situation around the Mexicans in Los Angles responded to the riot. Because the article basically examines the Zoot Suit as well as the Zoot Suit Riot, it gives it a gendered perspective in its analysis. This implies that the author involves an in-depth reconsideration and analysis from previous studies that incorporating earlier primary sources so as to bring out the understanding as well as propose the expected conclusion (Castillo 371).

The author is successful in using the sources to prove his main points

The main focus of the article is the Zoot Suit to the young Mexican-American, particularly men. As a result of this, the author manages to propose another explanation for the riots. His focus on these young men brings out the understanding of the young Mexican American political participation and consciousness in the early 1940s (Castillo 374). From the previous studies that the author used, he has managed to argue that the Zoot Suit embodies its wearer’s resistance of white American’s ideals. The author bases this argument upon statements of “Mexican American Zoot Suiters enemies, or trajectories”. These are based on the experiences as well as statements collected from the African American Zoot Suiters. From this article, it is possible to show that the author has proved his intensions of sourcing information. This has been done by examining the experiences as well as actions and statements made by the Mexican American Zoot Suiters. This is because there were a few Mexican-American who interpreted the Zoot suit as an emblem of a subversive identity. In addition, the sources used by the author are aimed at proving how the United States government was involved in finding out how foreign agents provoked the riot (Castillo 367). It also took part in the realization of denial of the possible role that racism played in the riot.    

From the author’s collection of information, he states how the disturbance resulting from the riot led to varied reactions in Mexico as well as the Latin America. The protest ranged from “anti-government protest to anti-Pachuca diatribes”. From this information, it is proved that most of the victims were Latin American students, who were best identified Mexican youths and  the victims of the riot (Castillo 381). The author also proves to his audience that the Zoot Suit was presented to the Latin American media as a proof that the racial injustice was from the Americas towards the Indian Stock matzos.  This was despite the efforts put in place by both the American and Mexican governments to fight racism. A lot of information regarding the Zoot Suit has not been explored according to the author. Therefore, this article proves that the first global recognition of both social and political realities was started by the Pachuco Riots as they were referred in Latin America press.

The author uses his article in changing the minds of many people

He brings out the ideas of the leaders of the two nations in their quest to fight racism. According to an article that appeared in Mexico, there was confidence that the perpetrators of hate were going to face justice after the US investigations were complete (Castillo 389). In addition, people’s mind concerning racism was changed because the article reports on how Mexico reiterated that the provokers of hate will never destroy the good neighborhood between Mexico and US. Furthermore, the author emphasizes the role play by the riots in changing the minds of the people. He states that riots were not to be considered as a manifestation of racism. Moreover riots were not to be used to limit itself to useless discussions. Instead, the author states that this should be used as a tool too demonstrate interest in mediating concrete actions leading to negotiations with positive results (Castillo 388).

However, the author does not give detailed information on how studies examined the myriad meanings of the Zoot Suit and the role of races in instigation of the riot. Instead of doing this, the author focuses on patriotism. Again, the author does not give detailed information of how the Zoot Suit Riot was a turning point in the Mexican American society. This is because this was a crucial moment in which Mexican American grew to be more politicized. This is as a result of the author overusing particular sources to get information regarding the riot. This was a historical event that calls for inclination in a wide scope so that detailed information is obtained. In order to improve this article, the author has to ensure that he consults with studies from design perspectives that were published during the riot. This is because these literatures give the influence and history of the riot into details. In addition, these sources also give information regarding the Zoot Suit and the identity of the African American male during the war. This implies that the suit was a gesture aimed at submitting the standards of not only the whites but also older generation as well as the black and middle class.


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