Free Wave – Formed Ripples in Nearshore Sands Essay Sample

The paper is clearly structured and it proceeds in a logical sequence. The author had presented well the background of the topic as well as the previous and present studies that are related to the research. They had mentioned the place where the study was conducted but there were no clear description about the place of study. This may lead to partial incomprehension since the reader cannot grasps what the place look like or how the place is situated. Although a map was provided as one of the figures presented, a clear description of the place of the study is still a must. Data are logically presented and mathematically treated but it can be observed that there were no implications of result presented and the significance of the study is not stated. The authors did not mention the rationale why the study is to be conducted. Further, it can be seen in the paper that the author has presented comprehensively the processes involved in the conduct of the research.

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            The paper contained the relevant studies that give a background to those who read it and it is sufficient. The related studies provided the readers a chance to grasp the present body of knowledge regarding the ripples. Also, the present studies provide the status quo of the topic. It provided a scenario of the present body of knowledge that is available today thus it will be very easy for the reader where to fit the results of the study to the present set of information regarding the ripples.

            As far as data extraction is concerned, the paper presented a very detailed description of the methods employed in the research. Moreover, it had a detail explanation of the statistical treatment of the data which is the very fundamental of any research. Data were carefully taken to assure objectivity of the research.
            It can be observed that the paper had discuss the results well however, the format of how the discussion went seems to be messy. The researchers may use table to present facts and numbers. In that manner, it would be easy for the readers to follow the trend of discussion since everything can be referred to a single table. Further, the paper only presented the final result. It does not present the raw data. In research raw data should be presented in order for verification if the statistical results were logical. In addition, the paper should consider including a section that will discuss the significance of study in order for the readers to know how important the study is.

            What is good in this study is the authors remained objective in writing their conclusions. They do not exaggerate their conclusion but they judge what they have seen and observed. Moreover, the study was conducted backed up with 17 references. This is quiet good for a research. Also, the authors were excellent in using the references carefully, the citations used were apparent in the list of references. It can be observed that the references used contain first – hand information which means that these were the papers that contain research results.

            Generally speaking, the paper meets a high quality standard of a research. It has the main elements of a good research paper, not perfect though. Judging in its contemporary, it provides fresh information and it can be considered a new innovation in the field. 


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