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I am a young lady from Mexico born in a large extended family. My family is of low social and economic status and the parents are only able to provide the basics necessities to me and my siblings. Being able to cater for our needs has been a great straggle to them as the have to work over time to take us through middle school. They had proposed to marry me off because there was no money for me to continue with my studies but I convinced them to me a chance to look for employment to cater for my own needs.

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I found a full time job to pay for my associate's degree, but this has started having negative implications on my studies. Being fatigued and unfocused has had to blame for this tend in performance. Since I stopped working full time at DirecTV, about three semesters's ago, I have been appearing on the deans list. I will be getting my bachelors degree on May 2011 from the university of Texas-pan America and my dream is to get a doctorate degree in criminal justice and become a university professor in the university of Texas-pan American. I have a great desire to teach others what I have learnt and in the process give back to the community that I grew up in. This will also enable me to cater for my younger siblings and take of some load of my parents, who have been working hard for our needs.

Receiving this scholarship is vital for me and my education, I want to get a federal job because it provides a wealth of experience required to become a university professor. I will be very grateful for your consideration and forever indebted for your help.


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