Free The Importance of Scholarship to Me Essay Sample

A scholarship is one of the few stepping-stones to greater pastures for the less fortunate to improve their education, skills, and lives. This scholarship will enable me to upgrade my skills and levels of academic and professional qualifications. With better education and versatile skills, I will be able to apply for higher pay grade jobs in my field. Better financial prospects will enable me to improve my family’s standard of living. In addition, I will have set a great example for my children and others. I will inspire them to believe in their potentials. By constantly improving my skills and qualifications, I will gain competence great relevance in the field of Medicine. In addition, the new jobs I will be able to apply for will expose me to more people, especially the less fortunate in Africa, who will benefit from the health services I will provide. The scholarship will also expose me to individuals of similar interests in international paramedics that will enrich my already vast experience. The reasons above qualify the importance of this scholarship to my personal, professional, and educational growth.

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I am a married man of 36 years, and I have been married for six years. I have three children. Having a family comes with numerous responsibilities, and at the topmost is the upkeep of the family. My children are still young; I am yet to incur the cost of college education in the United States of America. The scholarship will enable me to apply for jobs in the field of international paramedicine. A higher salary will enable me to improve the standard of living of my family. My children will attend the best schools where they will be able to receive quality education. With that, they can make a difference in their lives and the world. In addition, by virtue of taking the initiative of applying for this scholarship, I am placing a great deal of faith in my abilities and myself. In the process, I am inspiring my children to believe in themselves and work on always realize their potential regardless of their background and limits.    

By virtue of updating my skills and qualifications, I will gain greater relevance in the field of Medicine in which I have an extensive record of experience. My service in the military, as a Health Care Specialist, exposed me to numerous scenarios that a normal medical setting in a typical city hospital could not offer. A study of my work experience will reveal that I started in the junior positions as a paramedic. However, I have always been a leader since I was a child. While in school, I sought responsibilities that put me in authority over others. Therefore, when I started out as a paramedic, I did so believing that one day I would ascend to the top echelons of the field. This scholarship will enable me to enrich my leadership skills and qualifications; I will qualify for senior positions as a time-tested and proficient paramedic. In the course of pursuing new skills, I will meet and interact with new people with interests similar to mine. I will work to benefit the less fortunate, especially in Equatorial Guinea where I am currently.

In essence, this scholarship clearly bears a great deal of significance in my life. The scholarship will expose me to higher paying jobs accompanied with better salaries and benefits; therefore, I will be able to improve my family’s standard of living. Besides this prospect, I will be a perfect example to my children in the lessons of perseverance and dedication. I will be able to hold leadership positions with greater responsibilities and obligations. Most importantly, I will be able to offer best medical attention to those in need. 


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