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Free Why Do I Need to Get Grant Essay Sample

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My aim of writing this is to ask for a grant. There are several reasons that have compelled me to ask for a grant with the main one been the fact that I am going to get my Bachelor of Art in Acting from New York Academy. Since I will be attending some classes, I will not be in a position to work during the normal working hours. This means that I will have to work part time. I found fundamental to continue working since this will help to raise some capital that I will still invest in my education. Without a job, I may not be able to cater for key personal needs and this may see my education unsuccessful. I am certain that I will be able to work hard as I used to despite the fact that I will have changed my working schedule. Working hard has been a command in my life since I was young. A grant will give me humble time to concentrate on my studies since I feel that my great future lies in this. This is a proposal that I found crucial to forward so that all my needs are catered for as I express them in the best way possible.

I will be having arrangements so that I can finish schooling on time and then connect direct to work. This is to ascertain that I will arrange to ensure that I serve the two masters effectively since they are not at the same time. Since I was young, I have admired taking a degree thus this will be an excellent opportunity to get it while still working. Acting has been more than a hobby to me and even my close friends in high school were always making fun of me. At home, my parents have already acknowledged that I can be an actor of no comparison. Acting is therefore the best thing that I can do to satisfy my consciousness. I also like getting educated since I belief the education will change me from the normal creature to a creator. In future I may also act as a role model to others thus I will be giving light to the society. One of the things that I find pleasure is when the young ones are happy to emulate you. Some people who have acted as mentor to me and I would be eager to follow their footsteps. This will have proved to me that I will be able to go through the course effectively to achieve my dreams in life.

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Getting me grant will help me begin my life in a fresh way without debts. It gets worse when one begins to work in order to settle some debts. When still working I will also get more experience that may help me in future since I will have to learn some skills like interacting with people positively. This will also give me positive motivations although I am not able to finance my education neither are my parents and relatives able. I belief that something that has been begun will have to end thus a grant will help me to get my degree without much difficult. I will be appreciative considering the much that the grant can help me. 

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