Free Life on Mars Essay Sample

Mars is the fourth planet from in the solar system being named after a Roman god of war, Mars. It is in many times described as the "Red Planet due to the iron Oxide which is present on its surface thus giving the red appearance it usually has. The question of whether there is life in Mars has always been there thus making it a hard task for the scientists to tackle (Linda, T. and Tanton, E. (2006).

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According to the BBC news by Katia Moskvitch, there could be life in the planet mars. According to the BBC news by Katia, when the Nasa's two Viking Landers did examine samples of the Martian soils, they found out that there were no evidence of Carbon rich molecules and biology. Later on, the Phoenix Mars Landers discovered that the planet had chlorine containing chemical therefore making the scientists want to revisit the planet once more. Scientist traveled to Chile desert after thinking that the conditions were similar to those in mars.

After mixing up the soils and then heating them up, they discovered that carbon dioxide; chloromethane and dichloromethane were being produced same with those produced after heating up the soils in mars. After the results, scientists suggested that there could not only be organics in the planet mars but also perchlorates. Though this does not in any way say anything about whether there has ever been life in the planet, it really sets up a big difference between what many people have thought about the possibility of life in the planet (Moskvitch, 2010).  

A narrative on BBC television by Dr David Whitehouse, there is methane in the martin Atmosphere in Mars with which the scientists claim that it could be a sign that there could be life in mars. According to David Whitehouse's narrative, the methane was detected by the use of telescopes on earth. This has then been confirmed by the use of instruments on board the European space Agency's orbiting the mars express craft. According to the narrative, methane in the mars lives for a short period of time, therefore, a strong sign that it could be that it is constantly replenished (Whitehouse, 2004).

According to the BBC narrative by Dr David, there are two possible sources of the methane which could either be active volcanoes which has not yet been discovered in mars or Microbes. According to the narrative, methane is not as stable molecule in the Martin atmosphere therefore, it would not last for long if it were not replenished. Scientist postulates two possibilities regarding the he presence of methane. Both the possibilities are scientifically very important though one of the possibilities is sensational. It could be that the methane is produced by volcanic activities through lava which is deposited on the service or that which is released from beneath.

This explanation is quite reasonable but it has some kind of difficulties because; as of now there is not a single volcanic hotspot which has been detected or discovered in mars. If at all active volcanism were responsible for the methane, then   it would be considered a major discovery as long as life in mars is concerned. This way, the heat produced from the volcanic activities would melt down the large quantities of the ice on the surface of the planet thus conducive a good environment for life (Whitehouse, 2004).

According to the narrative by Dr David, there are organisms on the planet earth called Methanogens- Microbes that produce methane from both hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The Methanogens- Microbes do not necessarily need oxygen so as to live therefore being thought as the kind of organisms which live in the planet mars (Whitehouse, 2004).


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