Free Genetically Modified Organisms Essay Sample

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are scientifically generated organisms in an innovative process, where the genes from one organism are taken into the genome of a different organism. For instance, genes from a bacteria or other organisms or plants are taken into foods like potatoes, rice, soybeans and maize to offer herbicide-tolerance or even resistance of plants to insects. Moreover, the genetic characteristics of a particular organism having been changed through the inclusion of a gene that is modified normally increase the crop yield. Therefore, genetic engineering is the entire process of producing genetically modified organisms used to address modern challenges such as problems in food production. However, the other side of GMOs can be disturbing news. Thus, this essay seeks to proof that genetically modified organisms are of more harm than benefit to human beings.

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It is a perplexing fact that most of the manufacturers of GMOs do the production for other people. They in most cases do not directly make use of the products themselves. There are many concerns raised by GMOs, more than there are positive effects coming out from it. One of the most disturbing scenarios is the effect that GMOs have on the environment. Additionally, GMOs present a lot of risks in matters of economic concerns and the health of human beings universally. GMOs were initially thought to be a solution to sufficiency in such matters as in food production and the production of goods that cannot be easily attacked by germs. However, the case is going through a vicious cycle; more problems are being created while trying to find a solution to food sufficiency through the introduction of GMOs. Many people and researchers still advocate for the use of genetically modified organisms, but very little concern is given to the challenges they pose to the welfare of the society. It appears that some people are merely benefiting at the expense of other people’s lives.

Genetically modified organisms are of great harm to the surrounding in which we live. They cause harm to insects/animals, soil and plants as well. For instance, genetically modified maize adversely affects monarch butterfly. The monarchs do not eat pollen form maize, but in the event that pollen from genetically modified maize plant falls on to milkweed, monarchs will be disadvantaged. It would be very true to say that genetically modified organisms are not economically feasible as they create more problems than the single problem they are trying to solve. Plants diversity is very important. However, GMOs create super weeds and eliminate diversity in plants. These super weeds become immune to herbicides and pesticides as a result of the transfer of genes. When the cost of all this is measured, it would be very feasible to incline to the idea that GMOs do not add up any value to the welfare of the community in which we live.

The issue of plant diversity is a troubling experience. If manufacturers keep using genetic engineering in food production, variety in different crop types will become less. Therefore, the transfer of genes destroys diversity. This puts the life of human beings in great danger; when the crops of a similar genetic structure get diseased, the entire world will face a lot of trouble, since the biggest crop producing nations all plant genetically modified crops and the entire universe depends on these crops for the provision of their foods.

In conclusion, many people think that genetically modified foods is the solution that they have been waiting for, especially in addressing insufficiency and the challenge of handling food crop attacks among other things. However, some things may not really be as they seem. Genetically modified organisms have more disadvantages than advantages in modern world development. This is essentially the hard truth for research scientists but may be some enlightening information to the public. These are the facts; so we can decide together on the suitability of GMOs. 


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