Free Is Global Population Too High? Essay Sample

Miller & Scott (2011) argue that overpopulation extends beyond population density to include the number of people in a region more than the available natural resources and the carrying capacity of the natural environment required for sustaining human activities. Basing on this theoretical framework, it is apparent that the current global population, at approximately seven billion, is exceedingly high and raises concerns about the capacity of the natural world to sustain such a growing population. Overpopulation takes place when the number of people cannot be maintained enduringly without the depletion of resources, degrading the environment, and reducing the standard of living. Currently, the natural resources in the earth are being consumed rapidly, implying that the carrying capacity of the earth is decreasing at an alarming rate. This observation leads to the assertion that the current global population is too high.

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Nature primarily involves the balance of existence; this means that if humanity is to coincide with nature, there is the need to balance the number of lives produced with the lives extended and saved (Minios, 2011). Therefore, humanity must not use resources at a rate that is faster than the reproduction of the resources. Humanity need to respect itself through respecting the environment and acknowledging that it relies on the natural environment for its existence. At a population of approximately seven billion, this is not the case because of the high population increases the strain on natural resources, which has already exceeded the limits of the earth’s sustainability. There is the need to reduce the exponential growth of global human population because the earth is no longer able of supporting additional lives.

As a concluding remark, it is apparent that the global population is already too high because it has exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth’s natural resources. The natural resources cannot reproduce at a sufficient rate to sustain additional human lives on the planet. 


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