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Treatments using stem cells obtained from embryo are a contentious subject in scientific research owing to the fact that there are diverse benefits and pitfalls associated with the research. In the documentary, Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita, the human face is depicted in a controversial light. The documentary features Dr. Jack Kessler, whose daughter has a spinal injury. As a result, he focused his research on the development of embryonic stem cells that can be used for the regeneration of the damaged parts of the body (Finitzo, 2008). The research faces an extreme opposition from pro-life organizations including the fundamentalist Christian perspectives and Catholics. Kessler exploits these circumstances to raise public awareness regarding the advantages of stem cell research. In the documentary, there are a number of social, moral, legal, scientific, ethics and religious issues that arise.

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A significant number of scientists and researchers are of the opinion that using stem cells obtained from embryos is a huge milestone towards the treatment of spinal cord injuries and a number of diseases. In the light of these, it can be argued that stem cell obtained from embryos has the greatest potential for eliminating human suffering, especially after the inception of antibiotics. Ethical issues are bound when using stem cells from embryos (Gina, 2007). However, there are a number of factors that makes embryonic stem cell research ethical. For instance, during instances of abortion, some good for the human kind can be attained out of abortion. This implies that the good outcomes of using stem cells derived from embryos outweigh the bad outcomes of methods.

Despite the potential benefits associated with using stems cells obtained from embryos, there are numbers of potential issues arising from the using the stem cells obtained from embryos. Those opposing the use of stem cells obtained from embryos, which are mostly pro-lifers religious organizations, claim that destroying the blastocyst is like committing murder on human life. This is based on the view that life commences during conception, and it is not morally acceptable to destroy life that has not been born. On this account, it is not morally correct to save existing humanity using stem cells obtained from unborn life; rather stem cells should be obtained from adults. In addition, scientists and researchers have not given enough attention to assess the benefits of stem cells obtained from adults, which by far have been successful in the treatment of a number of diseases. Scientific research documents that life commences during the period of conception in the sense that embryos comprises of a full genetic structure of an adult human being, which only requires a suitable environment for growth and development. This implies that using stem cells from embryos is somewhat a method of justification of terminating human life (Finitzo, 2008).




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