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Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) are defined as the Solar System objects whose orbits are very close to the Earth’s orbit (Faure & Mensing, 2007). The interplanetary space contains numerous NEOs that orbit the Sun. As the Earth revolves around the Sun in its own orbit, it encounters objects and particles ranging from minute dust particles to large comets and asteroids (Graham, 2008). The smallest particles such as dust particles and meteors are numerous and totally harmless. Large comets and asteroids are not very common as the minute particles and they are less likely to hit the Earth in the course of our lifetimes (Graham, 2008). Their collisions with the Earth have been found to happen once after very many years; they cause a devastating horror once they happen. However, the collisions of meteors with spacecrafts and satellites have been realized frequently, but their effects have not been experienced on the surface of the Earth because they blaze up while in the atmosphere (Gallant, 2001).  

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There is need for the public officials to be concerned with the events due to meteor collisions because they potentially jeopardize the artificial satellites and spacecrafts (Gallant, 2001). Therefore, it is worthy to spend money on research regarding the time when the next event due to meteor collision will happen. Even the unlikely effects by the large comets, asteroids, and meteors have a chance of occurring in our lifetimes (Gallant, 2001). It will be important to conduct research so that to predict the possible devastating collisions of the NEOs with the Earth’s surface and the artificial satellites and spacecrafts. The NEOs collisions with the Earth or artificial satellites will be avoided by deflecting the objects to ocean (Gallant, 2001). Preparations for the unlikely effects of NEOs may be considered as having relatively low monetary costs. Hollywood has designed some colorful techniques for deflecting objects that are about to collide with the earth (Perkowitz, 2007).    

Despite the fact that Hollywood has discovered the techniques for avoiding impacts due to NEOs, no international or national agency has been ready to accept the responsibility of stopping such objects once their occurrences are discovered (Perkowitz, 2007). Tremendous force will be required to fragment or deflect large asteroids; nuclear explosions might be sufficient to fragment or deflect such objects (Gallant, 2001). Hollywood shows the dangers of NEOs and therefore stokes fears regarding the issue. 


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