Free Visual Rhetoric Essay Sample

Purpose is one of the basic elements of visual rhetoric. The purpose of a design is based on several considerations. These include: the size, relevance, simplicity as well as cultural accuracy for both the information and document. Moreover, in order to achieve the intended purpose, it is advisable to ensure that the right relationship exists between texts and visuals.

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The use of rhetoric visuals is important in a document in the following manner: they help to increase comprehension of information, clarification of difficult issues in the context, providing examples and illustrations, describing and emphasizing relationship as well as highlighting key points in a document.

Graphics is a type of rhetoric visual that helps to make a document more effective. Graphics may be may be drawn or sometimes rendered into the document. Some of the most commonly used graphics include: charts, maps, diagrams, lines and tables.

Contrast is an important factor to consider while using colors. This is an essential topic under colors. It involves separating parts of text by the use of diverse colors (Kostelnick,1998). Sufficient contrast in colors makes it easy for the reader to go through the document. Moreover, readers can differentiate different parts of the text. Dark and light colors are the most preferred in contrast. Black may be used on a white background. The choice of colors will high determine how appealing the document will be to the reader (Gunther, 1996). For instance, one should not use pale yellow text color on a white background. Similarly, do not use colors that are jarring to the eye.

Under design, headers and footers form an interesting topic. Headers and footers are helpful in designing any document. Based on their names, header runs along the top margin in every page of a document. Footer has text that appears along the bottom margin of every page. In order to make the design more attractive, the font used in headers and footer should smaller than that of other texts. It can also be shaded lighter that the body text. The main use of headers and footer is to provide referencing to the reader. Normally, headers and footers contain information about title and page numbers. In other cases, name of the author, organization and date may be included. Other features of headers and footers may include: logos, graphics and letter head.


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