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The construction of fine aggregate from two samples have provided encouraging results with a wide range of coarse and fine aggregate size percentages. The Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) on the table of results had produced a significant improvement of 19.47% to 20.00%. Results show that dense packing and fewer voids content can be achieved through incorporation of geometrically cubicle shaped aggregates in asphalt mixture. 19.47% fine value indicates difference between normal aggregate and geometrically cubical aggregate. The only two variables used were the original sample and the Aggregate Crushing Value which influenced almost every property of the mixtures.

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Different properties of several aggregates influenced their level of suitability or performance for being used. Both the physical and mechanical qualities of an aggregate played a chief role by providing ideal stability, resistance, durability, and penetrability against abrasion, permanent deformation, and cracking. After studying the aggregates carefully and continuously, it was found that aggregate is a factor that affects aggregate's adhesion with other construction materials with the aim of forming an ideal combination. However, the chemical composition of a composition of an aggregate was constantly studied and found to be a factor that affects its adhesion with other construction materials in forming ideal combination. The flakiness index at 0.53% for the aggregate crushing value was measured low in both two samples. This indicated that aggregate crushing value after being sieved had rounded shape aggregates and the high surface aggregate coarseness contributed to improved interlocking properties after the final mixture of the aggregates is compacted. Such character together with the Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) and Abrasion Value were within recommended specifications thus indicating that all the materials used had adequate strength to be applied in road or bridge construction aggregates.

Finally, the valuation process is certainly important; however, there are some demerits. It is therefore recommended that the test procedures applied and aggregates must always be in agreement with used procedures. Aggregate samples (1 and 2) must also be collected from the site for laboratory test and also be saved for later evaluation, when the need arises.


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