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The article on this website is about electronic health record (EHR) measures that AHIMA has initiated to the entire industry of healthcare. These standards are believed to provide guidance to fields that perform a central role in the change from records based on papers to EHRs. These standards of practice consists of directives for the entire medical record in an environment with many tasks taking place, implementing signatures in electronic form, email communications of the patient-provider, the management of electronic data, core sets of data as well as the technology used to recognize speech.

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The provision of well secured electronic health information is therefore made possible and can now be shared among the authorized parties. This also provides room for electronic management of data and health records. Moreover, the EHR makes it easy in clinical sharing of information for specialized care and health management. The fact of information sharing and improved specialized care improves the quality of general health management and care.

With the objectives made in incorporating information technology into health care, EHR brings with them a package of benefits. Patients are able to have an access to information about their treatment and the health care provision from the health care providers. This makes the health care providers give the best quality of care due to the high expectation from the patient. With EHR, there is personalized health care in the sense that with the research and provided data, there can be improved diagnostics, treatments and management according to patient's genetic and personal characteristics.

EHR will therefore provide knowledge to management in that information from old time researches can be compared with newer researches for better health care provision and also with clinical sharing of information health care providers are able to do better diagnostics and treatment in different geographical locations.


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