Free The Internet, McWorld and Consumer Resistance Essay Sample

The term McWorld has been used to refer to the processes of corporations taking control of the political process. Some people may argue that the world was a better place back in the 90s but I tend to differ. The cost of communication was too high back then, now through cheaper faster internet connections the world has become one small village. Jihad can be identified with traditional values of people, usually in the form of religious orthodoxy and nationalism. The Al Qaeda terrorist group and countries like Iraq and Iran are associated with these values

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The rise of computer machines has enabled people to stay closely in touch with each other; this led to the invention of new social networks like and, invention of instant messengers like, Skype and Google talk. With a modem and a computer one can be informed what's happening in real time. Clearly the rise of the internet has made this place better than in the 90s and thus bringing power to the consumers too. Through the internet, corporations like Coca-cola, Nike shoes and Gucci clothe lines have been able to bring consumers together. Countries like North Korea and Iran which have been linked to terrorist have been a thorn in the flesh to capitalism.

Through easy connections to the internet, the availability of scientific resources for them has become much easier. These resources have aided them in the manufacturing of nuclear missiles thus posing a greater danger to the rest of the world. This same technology has led to development of chemical weapons which Iran used against the Iraqis during their 1991 war. The Al Qaeda is also known to have used advanced anti air missiles against the American soldiers in the Afghanistan war. The internet has thus become a force worth to be recognized.


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