Free Remote RADIUS Server Groups Essay Sample

RADIUS means Remote Authentification Dial-In User Service and it is a security system developed by Livingston Enterprises and available to all. It is a system of distributed security that protects remotes access to networks against unauthorized access. A remote radius server group is a group that consists of one or more RADIUS servers. The group is used to facilitate the common configuration of both a primary and at least one backup RADIUS server. 

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It is a fully integrated system that is beneficial because it simple and separate the communications technology and the security technology.

Heyman Remote RADIUS server groups authenticate users through a chain of communications between the server and the client. After the authentication of the user, access to appropriate network services is provided to the user by the client. This way, maximum security is guaranteed especially with the networks with multiple RADIUS servers. It even ensures shared secrets a must for remote configuration.

It is very useful in managing multiple users connecting to the same network such as an organization whether using wireless, broadband or even public and private networks. Before RADIUS was designed, this was a very hard job that has been thankfully discovered by Livingstone Enterprises. 

Configuration management is also simplified since it can easily be used to create group and user profiles and also on the flexibility of configuring user-specific attributes. It is therefore important that I make changes to my network so as to comply with the RADIUS requirements.  


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