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Resources Required

The tasks to be carried out to design the system include collection of the data on the previous system that was in place if any, acquiring the necessary hardware which include computers, acquiring needed software, acquiring personnel, system design, implementation and feedback

The personnel required for the system include: employees to cater for customer orders, those to update the website for new and available products, customer help desk and supervisor. The hardware needed for the project include: the computers, control rooms and the employee desks for working. The software needed for the project include: software for receiving customer orders, software for order tracking and software for data collection.

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Approximate Costs for the Resources

The approximate costs for the resources required for the project are: the computers will cost the company $ 2000, the control room and employee desks $1500. The software will take $ 3000 and employee’s salaries per job function per month are; customer care $ 1000, order tracking and delivery $ 1200, supervisor $1500 and employee to update on available products $1000.

Major Milestones for the Project

Considering the fact that Ripper Entertainment is a small organization, its capital base could be limiting. This implies that the running of the project could be hindered by this factor of capital availability and accessibility. Also, another hindering factor is the availability of the required personnel. This is because the pursuance of the project requires experienced personnel in the field of project management. This is because competent personnel are an extremely crucial factor in ensuring that a project runs through successfully.


Timeline (Dates in 2012)


Acquisition of the Hardware

Between February 7th and 29th) This is dependent on the availability of funds


Acquisition of the Software

Between February 7th and 29th) This is dependent on the availability of funds


Acquisition of the Personnel

Between 1st March and 16th March


System Design

Between 17th March and 30th April


Implementation of the Project

Between 1st May and 15th May



From 16th May and 16th June (This is dependent on the cooperation from the clients in giving their views)


Delivery of the project



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