Free Technological Literacy and the Classroom Essay Sample

Webquest can be defined as a web-based learning tool, from which students retrieve any information they may require. It is inquiry-oriented and learner’s centered. A successful webquest should not require advanced technical knowledge, but should rather foster interaction among learners and encourage the use of higher order skills by motivating learners through authentic contexts. It should also allow interdisciplinary inquiry, which makes learning authentic and meaningful.

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This webquest is not fully developed because it lacks the basic contents that are required, for instance, introduction part, the resources available, conclusion task and process. Its outlay is not presentable and enthusiastic. A well-designed webquest will require learners to research for and analyze relevant information, thus facilitating discovery learning process that enables them to answer questions effectively. A successful webquest is characterized by its contents. This includes comprehensive introduction of background information, tasks that help focus students to the assignments, adequate resources to assist students in the learning process and conclusion that summarizes what is covered.

In the classroom, I often use technology to do essay researches and for further reading. It enables me to access vast volume of information, which may not be provided by teachers. Although I went for a computer training college at my early age, I have learnt the use of most computer applications through experience. Some of the possible challenges of using technology may include high acquisition cost for computers and communication systems for most (if not all) students, insufficient content development and staff training and high cost of continuous maintenance and upgrading of the computing systems. This is catalyzed by rapid advancement and changes in technology.

Use of technology in the classrooms has resulted into increased learner motivation. Most students get very excited when exposed to new learning experiences that go beyond the traditional verbal lectures. The system has also recorded an improved educational performance among learners. Students are actively engaged in the learning process. This has been facilitated by easy mastering of advance topics. Students have also been observed with tendency to mimic experts. They portray expertise abilities such as having high problem-solving and analytical skills.

In the United States, elementary education is basic and over 85% of total students are enrolled in public schools. This has pushed the government to increase its spending in the education sector, with an aim of providing high quality education. Education is thus given a higher priority compared to other sectors of the economy.


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