Free Wireless Networking Essay Sample


Wireless networking is a network manufacture by using radio pointer rate to communicate among computers and other network devices. This has also been named WI-FI network or Wireless LAN.  The wireless network has become popular in the modern world today because of no cabling and its features that are easy to set up. People can now connect computers anywhere in their homes without wires. This paper explores the effects of wireless networking in our world today.

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Wireless networks use radio bearing and micro effect to sustain communication channels between computers. Wireless networking is a modernized option to wire networking that depends on copper or fiber optic cabling between network devices.

A wireless network has its advantages as well as disadvantages compared to wire networking. The advantages of wireless networking have to do with mobility and elimination of cables. The disadvantages are potential for radio interference due to weather, obstructions and other wireless connections.

Wireless networking is generating a growing popularity for both home and business networks. This technology has continually improved and the cost of the products that it uses continues to decrease helping people to minimize costs spent on networking. The uses of wireless networking have continued to develop considerably. As a result of this technology cell phones came into came into being. This has made it effortless for people to correspond with one another in long distances all over the world. Information transfer from one region of the world to another has been made easy using satellites and other signals. The public benefited in that obtaining help from the emergency services from the police or hospitals has been made easy because they use wireless networking to communicate vital information very quickly.

People in the business world use wireless networking to send and share data and information quickly saving time and cost that could have been used to get from one office or building to the other and across the world.

Through wireless networking it has been inexpensive and fast way to connect to the Internet in counties and regions that have poor telecommunications infrastructure especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries.

Wireless networking has also come with its negative effects. Mobile phones carry different types of microwaves that carry radiation that enables the communication and working of the phones. It is speculated that these radiations are harmful to the human health especially when receiving calls. The WI-FI system also has waves that can cause internal problems on the body. It has been found that wireless technology may lead to restless sleep, memory problems, sudden aches and pains and foggy brain.

Cell phones pose some dangers to the lives of people. Nowadays most drivers usually answer calls when they are driving. These increases the chances of getting involve in an accident endangering life.

As technology develops, new forms of wireless networking bind in to one piece. Blending of public work and personal privacy is brought in. Today cell phones and personal digital assistants come together with web browsing and digital administrative software. This creates tension at the work place and also at home when these lifestyles come into contact. People get so much involved with email correspondence, become more plugged and less thoughtful.

The use of wireless networking has exposed children to morally unethical issues more easily for instance access to pornography and sexual abuse over the Internet. The spread of wrong and false information that may be based on rumors has been helped to spread with speed. This may create conflicts or even tainting the image of innocent people. Criminals also have got an easy way to do their criminal activities over the Internet and on cellular phones for instance extorting and robbing money.


Wireless networking has come with its advantages and disadvantages. However we cannot wish it away because the advantages we obtain from it outweighs the disadvantages that come with it.


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