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Abortion is getting rid of an unborn child. In most countries, it is deemed illegal. However, some laws have a special clause whereby abortion is allowed on grounds of health concerns for the mother.  Morally, it is unacceptable because it contradicts common moral values. This is because, in any society, killing is prohibited. There have been awareness programs all over the world educating individuals on the need to safeguard the lives of the unborn children. Most of these programs are enhanced by women who play a central role in the issues surrounding abortion.

Abortion not only leads to loss of innocent lives, but also endangers the lives many women. This is because of consequences such too much bleeding. Studies have shown that a huge percentage of women who undertake abortion bleed to death. In developing countries, women are known to undertake backstreet abortions that lead to numerous complications. Eventually, the health of these women deteriorates and the once productive individuals become bedridden.

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Innocent children are lost everyday through this vice. Future generations are continuously denied the chance to know life has in store for them. Abortion continues to deny nations of would-be leaders. In the end, countries do not develop as future generations are slowly wiped out. If only these children would be allowed to live, then the world would be a better place.

On the basis of the doctrine of utilitarianism, abortion is not justified. This is because denying a child the chance to live brings no gain in the end. On the contrary, the potential that the child would bring to the world is lost. Therefore, since the outcome of abortion is the loss of life, it is a deduction of the overall utility.

Everyone has a right to enjoy life irrespective of their age. Thus, women should cease from carrying abortions that deprive the world of would-be heroes. Say 'no' to abortion and uphold moral values.


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