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Free Abortion Articles Essay Sample

The thesis is that abortion should be legalized if the case for it can be justified. In this paper different journal are studied to argue the case for abortion. Their arguments vary from health reasons to the mother to the eventual effects on the general economy.

Vaida, B. (2007). Abortion Wars Return. National Journal, 39(21), 28. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

This article discusses the implementation of decisions of the united state supreme court to uphold the partial birth abortion ban act. Family research council chief lobbyist Thomas McClusky offered that the judgment offered them a chance to educate the public about the Roe versus Wade case which finds abortion to be right. This article also shows presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani supports abortion writes.

Belanger, D., & Oanh, K. (2009). Second-Trimester Abortions and Sex-Selection of Children in Hanoi, Vietnam. Population Studies, 63(2), 163-171. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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This article is a research article in which the writer discuses sex selective abortions which are generally conducted during the second term of pregnancy. The article researches the logic of a family with more daughters or without a son is more likely to consider sex selective abortion rather than having more daughters. It also shows that two percent of all abortions to women with at least a living child will intend to avoid the birth of a female child.

Wainer, J. (2008). Abortion and the struggle to be good in the 1970s. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 42(1), 30-37. doi:10.1080/00048670701732657

The article shows a study that used social science methods to show the important clinical query that had been in accessible to researchers until the 1970's. Abortion was illegal until 1969 and in 1972 the first abortion clinic in Australia was established. The study of abortion as asocial science theory about stigma and norm violation was used to inform the study. The study shows that abortion was taken to preserve the moral being. It was a sensible step in saving face in the society by having a child out of wedlock in any community.


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