Free Abortion and Its Effects in the Society Essay Sample

The topic that I chose is ‘abortion’ because it is actually murder. The reason why this topic is interesting to me is an article I read about the American Holocaust and abortion. It touched every fiber of my spirit, soul, and body. At different levels, some fields of study claim that abortion is necessary as a population control measure. Others say abortion is better than some family planning techniques like use of contraceptives, which constitutes to very many side effects. The doctors recommend abortion only when it is to save the life of a person. Abortion according to my view is a criminal activity that should call for strong penalties for the perpetrators. I am a pro-life activist and abortion is actually murder of an innocent creature.

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I strongly condemn the perpetrators of abortion and those who support it since they kill an innocent creature that has a right to life. From the research that I have done from books, it is evident that abortion is widely practiced in the world by people who want freedom from responsibilities. I carried out survey from different statistical data on abortion and found that, abortion constitutes about 10% of child deaths at birth. I have not attached a scientific report on abortion, however I need to collect some data from different maternity hospitals and analyze. My audience is all those women and men who advocate for abortion. I would like those pro-abortion activists to think deeply is their mothers aborted them, where could they be now. Please women who are thinking of aborting, re organize you and think of the right of the unborn child. This could be our next president. This unborn could be the person to discover the cure of HIV then you kill it. Save the life of this child for it to enjoy the fruits of this world like you. As a youth, I understand all the problems associated with responsibility but life is more important.  


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